Proposed Applications of Advanced In Situ Spectrometry in Water Resource Management

Joe Carter

University of Florida

Co-Authors: E. Z. Bean and A. Singh

While spectroscopy is a well-established science with a variety of spectrometric methods being commonly utilized in laboratories to perform chemical analysis, this technology is being underutilized in the field of environmental monitoring. Even though some in situ spectrometry technologies exist for the analysis of water quality parameters such as turbidity, fluorescent dissolved organic matter, and nitrate, innovations are still being made to develop technologies that are capable of performing multiple spectrometric methods to quantify a suite of parameters at a high frequency using a single platform. The high-frequency, multi-parameter data collected using advanced in situ spectrometry can also be coupled with wireless, cloud-based technologies to make this data accessible and usable in real-time to help inform decisions regarding water resource management. Projects are being planned to apply this framework in natural, urban, and agricultural settings to better assess water quality and to evaluate best management practices.

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